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So-called "digital" night vision is as Drake described. The resolution is on par with good Gen 2 devices, but these need a LOT of infrared to see anything. Without it you're just as blind as someone with the naked eye. A huge IR spotlight would assist greatly but makes you a lot more visible, especially to anyone else with any sort of NV device.

I think these new goggles are advantageous to airsoft. Night games can be a lot of fun and VERY few people have the scratch to drop on acceptable NV devices. I had a Gen 2 D-300 monocular at one point and found it lacking, especially for the $1,200 I dropped on it. At the price point this device is marked at, it makes it affordable to most any airsofter and opens up the possibility of far more night games. Who cares if the built-in illuminator is only good to 20 feet? An IR filter for a flashlight can be bought or made with a piece of exposed photographic film. Bring these on and get out there in the dark, I say!
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