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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
But anyways, you should've check the size chart before dealing with him.
He assured me it would fit, and at no time did he say it was a size small. In his add, he said small-medium, which led me to ask two questions when I first contacted him:

1. Is this helmet a medium?
2. Will it fit a 7 1/2 head?

He replied with a yes, leading me to believe that it was a size medium. His ad was very misleading, he promised it would fit, and he led me to believe I was buying a size medium helmet, which does fit up to a 7 1/2.

Instead, I recieved a small helmet, which will only fit a 7, maybe a 7 1/8 at a max. If he doesn't know his own correct head size, is that my fault?

At no time during my initial contact with him after receiving the helmet did I request my money back. It wasn't until he became very rude and stopped responding to my PMs that I made any such request.

And I can also back up Andrew's statement, that the ospery vest only comes in one version. There aren't even different "generations" of the vest, like there are of the OTV and Canadian frag vest.

He simply doesn't know the product he is selling, nor does he seem to make any attempt at learning anything about the product he is selling. Not only that, but he is unwilling to admit that he might be mistaken. He also doesn't seem to stand by his product, or his promises.

As for reselling the helmet, I would've been more then happy to do so had he been willing to admit he may have made a mistake, or even if he had bothered to show me any respect or been polite in dealing with this issue. But after being treated the way I was by him, I don't think it's too much to ask that he take the helmet back and refund me my money. He could easily sell it on ebay for more then he sold it to me.

I'd like the thank, publicly, Cortexburn, and the other mods who have been very helpful in dealing with this issue.
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