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I would not say so, "retaliatory" would be someone changing their feedback because of negative comment or leaving inappropriate comments ie. "EAT SHIT AND DIE".

To me anyhow it seems that seller has left a feed back that he had issues dealing with this buyer, a seller SHOULD still have this ability as sometimes buyers deserve neg feed backs.
retaliatory feedback is a negative feedback which does NOT effect the sale! Shadow left a negative feedback saying that the buyer wasn't happy with the item he sold! That is classified as retaliatory....

I've already had to deal with a member leaving me retaliatory negative feedback. I paid fast and the right amount and was not happy with the service so I left a negative feedback. The seller then left me one saying just simply that I was a bad person. The seller in question did this with a couple other people and had their AV pulled because of it.

It's the exact same situation as this. Buyer paid on time, received item not as described/defective, and because of such tried to contact the seller to fix the issue. Seller wouldn't and left a stupid negative feedback for the buyer JUST because he himself got a negative.

I mean come on... leaving a negative feedback that pretty much says "buyer was unhappy with product I sold them and won't leave me alone"....
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