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Thumbs up Madbull GSG-01 Stun Grenade

This morning the mailman woke me up again...there he stood holding the package that iv long waited for...i popped the package open and tada~

The first thing i noticed was how small the actual grenade is. for the average male the size of the grenade is about the width of your palm. when put beside my grenade shaped gas charger it looks like a little brother.

The build is solid as the tube and trigger mechanism is fully metallic. there isn't much markings on the grenade itself other than the warning lettering and madbull brand name.

the main problem is the whole grenade is black so it will be hard to spot when you throw it into the field. so because of that i recommend people wrap red or blue tape around it so its easier to spot on the field.

when you pull the pin with a bit of force the spoon will just pop up to allow the hammer to strike the firing pin. however. the spoon is not fixed onto the catch so you risk losing it. not a hard problem to solve as all you have to do is drill a hole in the spoon and tie it to the grenade. Now this photo shows the adjustment timing knob ontop of the grenade. it can be dialed to suit any time you want with a simple allen key. iv personally managed to keep it at around 1.5-2sec delay which is probably the best time to keep the others surprised while not scaring the crap outta yourself.

Then when you pull the pin and release the spoon, this hits the adjustment knob, or aka firing pin.

a closer view

To fill the nade all you have to do is turn it upside down and fill it with Co2 (and ONLY Co2) through the valve much like out GBB mag valves. The central hole is where the Co2 releases its pressure while it resonates within the tube creating the loud BANG!

Maintenance: Its quite easy to keep the whole thing working as long as you remember to lube it every after every 8 or 10 times of use. it breaks down into four main components shown here

And all you need is the madbull Co2 adapter to fill the grenade with. some of you might be wondering why is there holes in the main body cylinder, well...its pretty much where the Co2 is housed before it evenly expels itself through the central main vent.

in conclusion the stun grenade is a hell of a lot of fun to play with indoors. outdoors...not so much because although its loud, without the walls to amplify the sound it will just sound like a really loud firecracker. it definitely is around 80-90Dbs from a distance of 2 meters but no one has to worry about hearing damage as its just about as loud as a .22 rim fire going down the range. this is subjective to only my point of view since i am already used to the .45 going off in my hands. but for flamers out there that claim this is dangerous to players indoors.

i would most definitely say that there is such a low chance of its going off RIGHT beside your ear that there really is no need to worry about using this in a game. however it is still safer to have some kind of ear protection so in the case it does go off near your ear the pressure doesn't blow right into your ear canal. to me its like getting scared by a loud bang but nothing really serious like what people have been worried about.

all in all.
Build Quality 5/5
effectiveness 3/5 (it depends on how big the room is)
cool factor 4/5 (a tad bit small for me)
Airsoft 5/5 (came in 2 days! 2 days!!)
Scare factor 5/5 (trust me when i tell you you wanna set the timer right. because when it goes off in your hands ull know why.:wink: )

now a last pic to end this review. Thanks for viewing. and comments are welcomed ! :smile:
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