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I got a negative experience with this user too, I left a negative feedback. It seems that he does not know what he is selling, no product knowledge.

I bought an Osprey(british body armor) from him. On his for sale ad, he stated that it was clean and in good condition. When I received it (also came in garbage bag) I notice that on the back of the vest, the compartment where the rear armor plate would go has been riped out. The stiching has been taken off. I can see the tiny holes left by the stiching. I contacted him to tell him "I was disapointed that he fail to mention the back panel was missing" (my exact word). In his reply, he told me that this vest has many versions, and the back panel of the one he sended me is suppose to be like that (ie: missing rear armor compartment).

All I can say is NO. The Osprey has one design and all of them comes with the rear compartment for the armor plate. I collect British kit, I've done my research, and I know what I am talking about. Further more, if I am wrong and the vest is suppose to be missing the part in question, then why would there be holes left by the stiching of that compartment on the vest??? It is very clear someone took it off by taking out the stiching.

It is very clear to me that this user don't know what he is talking about, he doesn't have an understanding of what he is selling. He has no clue what an Osprey is suppose to be like. And when I give him photos and evidenece showing him the actual vest vs the one he sold me, his only response was to make up a story and try to tell me there are "versions" of the vest.

PS. I didn't even ask for money back, not once in any of my pm's to him did I ask for money back. I just wanted him to apologize for his dishonesty. He had to know the vest is missing something, the holes left by the stiching is very obvious

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