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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
No, actually, it isn't. You'd be surprised how many people click on those links. I did an assignment a couple of years ago where I created a fake Microsoft survey askiong people about their AV protection and such, and used SendMail to spooff e-mails to 50 addresses. I got 4 hits. If I had logged environment variables, I would have everying I needed to execute attacks against those computers and infect them with a bot or something.

Now I got 4 out of 50, or 2%. Spammers use bots that send out thousands of false messages. 2% of 5,000 is 100. That's possibly 100 new infected machines.. now if each one of those spooffs another 5,000.... you can imagine how it grows exponentially.
4/50 is 8%
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