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Originally Posted by AirgunSource View Post
Hey everyone!

My name is Travis and I currently own and operate
I have been in the airgun industry for over 10 years, we retail everything from low end airguns to European and Korean large caliber firearms and everything in between. We also sell various types of airsoft/clearsoft that is of lower quality.

I was first introduced to airsoft several years ago and I appreciate and understand the need for top quality products everyone respects and enjoys here in this community. I'm in the process of acquiring new lines of airsoft that can possibly have a future in our country and our hands!

I look forward to meeting many of you and if you have any questions regarding myself or my buisness please shoot me PM or email

Also, I would like to be age verified if that is possible and I would be very interested in attending a airsoft match in the future!

Hi Travis, welcome to ASC.
I've bought from your store a few times, have always had excellent service and speedy delivery, and do recommend it when people ask about it.
In order to get age verified, locate a local representative who is conducting age verification. You can find a list in this thread:
Please also take the time to fill in your profile, which can be helpful for local age verifiers to find you
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