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007 is "over" in the sense it's only going to import clearsoft (only way Ken can get stuff in from what I've read).

Usually you're 18 if you have a CC, BUT they don't count on having a co-signer on the card. ie. Little billy who's under 18 can get a CC if his parents co-sign the card and take responsibility over any unpaid balances.

I have a CC, and my parents did co-sign it but I only got it because I wanted to build a credit rating so I could get some loans in the future. Technically I can get my own CC now but I choose not to, and keep the security of my parents co-signing (I don't abuse my credit I'm smart with money this is a just in case thing).

Let him get some clearsoft from Wally World/CT, at least he isn't getting the "big boy" stuff from Asia (don't mention SIR or Cabela's).
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