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Age verification ?

been a while i havent been around.. aniway there this kid that added me on msn asking me milions of questions about the sport. long story short the kid under age (17) and have litle to no interest to get age verified or come up to a game to check and see what the sport realy is about. All he wants is and aeg. no clue what he is going to do whit it if he dosent have the interest to atten a game ? whitch is what bothers me.

No clue if its true or not he told me he found a online store to buy a aeg oo7 or some like that (thought oo7 was over ) or some place else i got a big dought its bullshit

my big question is. how do stores check if you realy are 18 or not

i know for a fact that most of the buisness* is done here on asc so you have to be age ferified but ebay and such ?

keep in mind that this is just a question and im not starting a DEBATE
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