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Originally Posted by bleaches View Post
VFC / MAPLE LEAF Airsoft Grenade MKIIIA2...anyone interested? it seems to have VERY decent spread since it has holes all over + it looks better than the tornado ones. its available at WGC for 60 or so bucks.

im not too hyped about the chances of getting it in through customs, but what do you guys think? the looks alone makes me want a few
how could you expect to get any power out of a 6mm long barrel with an o-ring holding the beebs in, especially with the gas venting out the holes left behind by the other bb's? any word on the timer? is it consistent?
the tornado shoots 200 pellets out of two spiralled barrels equivalent to m16 length with a very accurate timer. i've heard of certain japanese retailers not being able to GIVE vfc grenades away.
they do look pretty cool though, good luck keeping the spoon.
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