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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
What a satisfying feeling.

I own a lot of AEGs.. none have come close to this one in realism. Set it next to a real one.. and I doubt you could tell the difference ( its been about 15 years since I handled an AK but still.. as I remember.. )

Weight is close.. its a bit light in the butt.. but once a mag is fitted the balance is close to correct.

SOLID ....

This thing is essentially a real AK with a mechbox fitted inside

Can't wait to field it.
Without a doubt this is as close to a real gun as you currently get in the airsoft world, except maybe for the other Real Sword guns. Be it for play or collection purposes, this is truly the ultimate airsoft gun in terms of realism.

Unloaded, the RS is about 100g lighter than the real Type 56, so it's pretty close. The hollowed out stock is probably responsible for some of that "weight loss".

Install a new spring to get decent velocities and if you like AKs, this will probably become your main favourite field gun. Even though I don't like the feel of AKs much (hence why I don't game mine much and didn't bother upgrading it), it's still the crown jewel of my AEG collection.

Originally Posted by Shooting Chef View Post
About it being at par with a PTW, I think they still have a ways to go. For one, the option of changing the cylinders on the fly gives the PTW an advantage.

That aside, I will eventually have one in my collection in the near future.
"On par" is more intended in terms of realism than in terms of features and technology. The RS is for all intents and purposes just a slightly modified V3 mechbox, so it doesn't compare in terms of its internal technology wtih Systema. Its internals are top notch compared to most other stock AEGs, but it's basic V3 technology with a couple of proprietary parts to accomodate the shortened mechbox. But in terms of externals, you can't get much more authentic than Real Sword. They truly are in a league of their own.

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