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Originally Posted by share_the_pain View Post
Hello ASC, my name is Jordan and I think it's about time I introduced myself.

I've been into airsoft for about a year now, and I'm patiently waiting to turn 18 on April 29. I've been browsing this site and reading posts ever since I started researching airsoft, however I had only created an account a couple months ago.

Even though the whole 18+ rule for this site (and pretty much any place in Canada) has prevented me from getting a good AEG so far, I highly respect the rule and I understand completely why it is in place. The last thing I would want is some 12 year old ruining the whole sport for everyone, including me. Besides, I can wait 7 more months.

Well anyways, it was nice to say hello and I hope to get to know some of you much better during this spring/summer when I turn 18, get a gun, and go to some games.
Nice man nice. I was in Barrie this summer actually studying at Georgian College (with air cadets.....). Anyways it's cool to have players like you in the forum. (Unlike me, cause I totally made an idiot out of myself the second thread I posted).

If you want you can try contacting another player in your region and asking to go out to a game as a spectator or if your parents want to play, get your parents to play alongside you (only way if you're underage, your parents can't just sign the waiver and go shopping they must physically be present on the field and playing).
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