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Need help so bad :(

Hello to everyone!

I need help regarding the pin that connects to the front sight of the gun that locks the flashhider of AKS 74U. It started when I tried to take the flash hider apart from the gun. It was epoxied, I first scratched the epoxy and what I did next, was, I grabbed a screwdriver and hammer. I used the tip of the screwdriver to push down the pin a bit by hammering it downward. And what happened was that I ended up hammering it all the way down that the pin completely went through the hole. Not even a portion of it was exposed. Now I'm having trouble taking it out. It wasn't suppose to be that tight or could it be because of some of the left over epoxy that was squeezed in between the side of the pin and the space. Is there a tool made to remedy this problem? Do you guys know any method on how to take it apart? I tried to use a strong magnet but it didn't work. Thanks in advance.
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