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Arrow Eotech 4X Magnifier Replica

So i got woken up today by the mailman and guess what came in? The 4X Magnifier from Huang that have been long sought for is finally in my hands! *sob in joy*

It came with the FTS mount that i am sure many have been waiting for. and it is quite interesting too see how it all works and how strong the springs are. So lets take a closer look at this baby.


The construction on this whole set is really solid. Fully metal construction and to my surprise the actual magnifier is also metallic on the most outer layer. i always thought it might have been rubbery for protection purposes.

The trades are clear and accurate.

also on the FTS mount are very clear trades

now with the FTS mount doing its job kicking it to the side

The only main thing i have to complain about the FTS mount is how it doesn't really fit the picatinny rail properly. The gap is simply not wide enough and when mounted you will be left with a slight gap on the screw side. however, nothing is impossible if you know how to use a belt sander and dremel. the silver part is bare metal sanded out by my belt sander. now it fits perfectly onto the rail.

Now onto mounting the Magnifier. There are two protrusions on the bottom of the Magnifier that fits snugly into the cavity on the topside of the mount.

The second problem with the mount is its ARMS lever. its not machined to the right size so you cant really push it in all the way after you mounted the magnifier. you could force it in but bare in mind it will be a pain in the ass to get it back out, and while doing it you risk snapping what looks like pot metal material on the lever.

Now with it mounted. front view

Mounted onto a rail to show no gap now

Oh what a pretty thing

Mounted onto my G36

Flip to the side

Side view. closely mounted to my Hurricane 551

Rear gotta love these glass reflections

3/4 view

Whole gun Left

Whole gun Right

Overall the build quality is superb with the exception of the FTS mount with many sizing errors. but its nothing a average joe with a dremel cant handle. now through the lens there will only allow for about a centimeter of clearance to your eye. i do not know if that is what its like on the real thing but its pretty close for my standards. also, just like any other scope, you have to align your eye perfectly so you can see clearly.

The view from the magnifier is quite wide and have to mention it is in a shape of a square. as far as working with the Eotechs. The hurricanes do show a bit of fringing when viewed in red-dot mode and a lot of fringing on green-dot mode. i believe this wouldn't be evident on the real Eotechs as they use laser holographic technology instead of the RDS we see on airsoft optics. With all that being said. it is a great piece of kit for the money you are paying and should definitely look into it for the unique look.

Magnifier------ 5/5
FTS mount-----3/5
Huangs service 5/5

Thanks for Viewing ^^

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