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If I buy a line of gun that I can slowly upgrade... that's fine by me. I just want to make sure I can. Crossman seem to be a line that if you buy... you can't do anything with it later. This is what I want to avoid.


Not true- the Crosman Pulse R72 is a G3 SAS clone and totally upgradable. It started with it and for a few months had a JG G3A3 set of internals, a Matrix 3000 Magnum motor, rewired the stock for a large battery- it fired around 350fps and was still cheaper than the TM gun of the same make. In the end I actually returned it to stock status as it makes for a perfect CQB gun in its stock form and I have both my G3A3s intact for me and my wife to use.

Crosman Pulse R76- the Crosman AK-74u clone which also looks to be 100% the same as the 2 TM Betas, and the 3 JG Betas locally. It fires 300fps out of the box so I have kept it for a decent midrange fps SMG but should I want to I could easily and cheaply upgrade it for less than the TM Betas.

Every single other Crosman 'AEG' is a perfect POS however- good for little more than stopping doors or holding paper down on a windy day.

Like you I get the clear guns when I want a project- and I get higher end clones for when I just want a gun that works (the JG G3A3 is firing around 387fps out of the box). In fact locally a bunch of the guys are getting the clear receivers to practice various paint techniques as with a clear gun you can paint both the inside a nice silver colour and the outside a nice gun metal black (or whatever suits your mood- that clear Sig AEG that was painted on here was wicked cool).

'course many on here cant understand NOT buying name brand pro grade stuff- to each their own
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