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Originally Posted by Dusti69 View Post
everything was kept locked in a room. but the house doors are easilly unlocked with a small flat head screw driver. and i keep my guns batteries in the battery compartments un plugged and mags in the gun. i dont really see any problems with it. even if they were laying seperate its no big mysystery how to hook everything up
Dusti, just admit and accept it, you're an idiot and there's no foolin the greater population of this site otherwise.

If something can be opened with out much effort is is in no way secured. If you do not see the reasons behind storing a gun with the magazines unloaded and out of the gun then there is just no convincing you of the stupidity of storing them loaded to rock and roll. You constantly blame other people and things for your incompetence and it rings through in virtually every post you have made. Here you blame the lock, when it is YOU who must change the locks if they are faulty. It would be like blaming the gun for shooting when it is the finger that really pulled the trigger, but I guess you would only understand that argument when someone tells you guns are bad.

Now that I've squandered my 1000th post, I can ASSume that the apocalyptic prophecy of my P1K ((Y2K funny)) will now cause ASC's self destruct. But I know our alien overlords will rectify the cosmos to prevent this so that they do not have a chaotic bunch of slaves on their hands and save our soother so that we keep about our days doing as we should while they keep us all in line with gizmo-doo-dad-thing-a-ma-bob implants. And every once and a while they toss out some new toy to our "chosen ones" at Area-51 so that we can make new devices that can help our every day lives. And then every other once and a while they take two of us hairless apes give us knives and watch the blood soaked entertainment of us battling to the death. Only now a days the knives are nukes! And then when we piss on the carpet to many times they toss in a disease like Cancer to thin us out.


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