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Its simple... really .. until you are 18 you are not an adult and can't be held legally liable for your actions.

As a person who is not legally liable you should not be running around with an object that can cause property and personal damage unless you are supervised by someone who can be held legally liable.

In most municipalities in Canada By laws prohibit the sale,possession or discharge of "firearms" by minors , most municipalities define "firearm" as "anything that fires a projectile"

Provincial statutes establish the limitation of sale of "firearms" ( includding bb and pellet guns which airsoft guns are defined as ) to people over 18 .. Provincial statutes don't say anything about possession ..

Federal law, the Criminal code, Says minors can not posses firearms ammunition or replicas unless supervised. Legal possession of replicas is limited to persons over 18 ( granted this is an interpritation of the statutes.. but its an A-B-C interpritation )

So you have Municiple, provincial and federal law indicating that firearms ( however they may be defined ) are not to be possesed by minors

At the municiple level .. the definition is broad and the penalites light ( fines )
At the Provincial level the definitions are tighter.. and penalties still fines
At the federal level the deninitions are quite specific and the penalites potentially stiff , incarceration..

through all the levels there is one theme.. Kids should not have these things
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