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With all due respect, this entire post smells of improper gun storage and handling on your part.

1) Why are the guns out in the open and not locked away?
2) Why are they stored with the batteries and mags in the guns?

In all honesty, the entire post you made could be avoided if you had locking gun cases.

Originally Posted by Dusti69 View Post
my brothers friends(15-17) come to the house on one visit. they cant keep their hands off my guns while im taking them out of their hands. they keep winding the mags up which i have to take out, catch loose bbs, release spring tension, fire that last bb out, and dump a handful of bbs back in the mag while theyre doing the same thing with another gun. and then hosing the guns, dry firing, dry hosing. talking about how cool my sniper rifles are and my halo gun, which would be ak's m4's and the jg dragon.

then they come up with the idea "hey lets have an airsoft battle" and at this point im like sure (id love to shoot the fuck out of you punk bastards)
they get shot a few times and become afraid. literally afraid. almost crying, and give up. and im like hey youre gonna be 18 in a few months, act like a man. ...oh and talk like a white person, youre not a rapper
so before they leave the one thinks its a cool idea to load up a mag and hose the whole thing on me from 4 feet away while i was wearing a wife beat tank top. and then he dropped the gun on the floor

this kids next visit which was today i might add... he sneaks off outside after him and my brother were out shooting a big rs magnum and killing chipmunks with a pump action 22.....anyway he sneaks off with my jg dragon (what he calls "the halo gun") he put my lipo battery in it which i dont like to use, and he takes it out on full auto hosing it and then put it back. i come down to the basement to find my aegs and a few spring rifles layin around. all the spring rifles cocked and loaded, and my jg dragon sitting there still set to full auto. so i picked it up to unload the mag and then when i fired it in semi to clear that last bb it went WHIIIRRRRRRRR!!!!!! so i had to raise the motor back up into postion. later my brother tells me about the kid telling him that it kept not shooting right and making noise and im just like aaaww...... fuck

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