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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
yeah the flavour is there, it's not like a corona that NEEDS a lime wedge, ever since Rickard's came out with it, they've been promoting the orange slice, tried it at the beer and cocktail show when it first launched and they insisted that the orange be served with it, wtf?
I ate the orange slice that came on the rim, no theres no way I can add it. However thats gona sit off to the side for a few moments while I enjoy this double gin!

Originally Posted by Rukus View Post
T7 take notes you might have a customer.
I lef the company 6 months ago! God do I ever miss it sometimes.

Originally Posted by bean View Post
Quality post. I always laugh when one of the people who are under the age of 18 spring forth like the savior of the youngens to proclaim there are no laws. There aren't laws this is true we as a community say 18+.
There is one province with a law that states 18 to purchase I believe. Someone should have asked me this 15 minutes ago before I put down a pint a rye and half of a double gin.

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