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Airsoft batteries manufacturer from Taiwan

We make li-polymer batteries for airsoft guns.
Airsoft batteries have new choice.Instantly Upgrade Your Airsoft guns RDF.

Ni-HM can no longer meet the demand of customers seeking high-performance airsoft gun.
Our company can provide customized battery packs to meet the need of your customers.
Our newly designed battery packs can substantially increase ROF without compromising FRS and the players' safety.

We was established in 1996. We are the maker in Taiwan ,has great experiences in in airsoft gun batteries designing.
We is a manufacture of a complete line of batteries for varied airsoft guns ( MP5 , M4 , AK , UMP/UMG , SIG ,....)

You will be surprised at our superior products!
more than 10000 units sold and tested in the market last year. Because of superior properties of our products, many of our customers have switched their product line from NiMH to our Lithium Polymer Battery Pack. Our complete line of batteries can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

For more information about products and service,please visit our products website ( )
If you need further information of project. Please Email

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