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Kjw kp05 review!

So, I picked up a new 1911/2011... Which isn't surprising. If you know me, you'll know that this is my 6th, or 7th 1911/2011... .. But anyway.. on to zee review.

When you receive this gun, the first thing you'll notice is an interestingly designed box. Kinda reminds me of an Ed Brown Ad I saw a few days ago, but I digress..

Inside the box you'll find the standard biz. Manual, targets, catalogue, sight screw's allen key, some craptactular BBs, and ofcourse, the gun.

First impressions are summarized in 2 words... "Holy sheeeeee-it". Once you pick this gun up, you feel it's weight immediately. It's a very solid gun, with a very nice feel (mainly due to the TK finger fits grip), and awesome pointability. Little slop between parts...

Features are...

- Kimber Warrior style slide.
- Novak's style combat sights.
- Ed Brown style beaver/grip safety.
- Para style thumb safeties (as per their KJW P14 model)
- Hybrid mide-frame (no clue where they bit that off from)
- Springfield Combat hammer.
- Tanio Koba Fingerfits Tactical GRIP (not "glip", or "gimp" )
- Ed Brown Combat style mag catch.
- Lowered ejection port.
- Low profile mag base..
- Bull Barrel.
- Full length recoil rod (WA style. Short stroked...)

Performance is pretty standard for hicapas. It's got tight groups at 25 feet, and really light trigger pull enabling double taps! (even some bump firing action......... okay, I lied) .

Fills were 1/25 rounds..

The only gripe I have is... The trigger pull isn't too smooth. It's actually quite rough/grainy despite being light...

I believe it's shooting at around 320+.

Groups were 1"-0.5" at 27ish feet.

Fit/finish is decent. Like I mentioned, there ARE some issues. Finish seems a bit unrealistic as it's kinda... sparkly.. (yeah, not too sure about that one..). Trigger action is sloppy/grainy.. There ARE some seam lines in places where they shouldn't be present... Also, what I found to be extremely strange is there seems to be some moulding issues on the extractor (that circular shape beside the hammer, on the rear right of the slide) .... But it's KJW, so, I can't really complain.

Reliability is pretty hicapa standard... I fired 30ish mags from this pistol, and it's only showing minor wear. Nothing too serious, ofcourse...

The innards consist of what appears to be a reinforced loading nozzle, and a reinforced piston.. (I could be wrong though) I messaged KJW to find out, but to no avail.

There seems to be some strange coating on the blowback unit. It appears that it's some kind of protective coating, as it hasn't received any noticeable wear... unlike my 2 TMs ...

There also appears to be some play between the barrel, and slide, as there's alot of wear accumulating in the locking ridges... Hope that wont be an issue.... Only time will tell, I guess.


Aesthetics : 7.5/10.
Performance/Action : 8/10.
Feel/Pointability : 9.5/10 (glocks feel MUCH better)
Upgrade potential : 10/10 (TM clone)
Bad-ass factor : 8/10. Finish kills it.

Conclusion is.. If you want an FMU high capa, that looks great, uses combat sights, shoots great (loads of recoil = fun!) and has a fixed rail at 290-310 (or 255 if you're connected), this is your -or should be your main candidate!

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