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you pretty much got that well
my younger brother is the one who tells his friends about it and they wanna come to our house for it. generally 16 to 18 year olds
i dont know any serious airsofters and i dont have a car so therefore cant travel
he brings his friends to the house and they usually give up or somehow accidentally get shot in the dick.
i go along with it to get to be able to go in the woods sneak around and shoot the crap out of them cuz theyre idiots.

kid- "wow! is that a sniper rifle?"
me- " its an hk 416"
kid- "you should put a big scope and a green laser on it"

kid- "whered you get an airsoft gun from halo?"
me- "its not from halo, its an ikia zuchi battle rifle dragon whatever"

i am envious of you canadian airsofters and any other serious airsofters who all know each other and regularly make it to games. my airsoft includes working on guns, taking them apart, upgrading, and shooting dumb kids

i may not be having the bestest experience or airsoft life but dammit when some half assed dumb fucks write up some article like this making it sound like a smug sarcastic bashing of everything we love it freakin pisses me off
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dont let the elitist gun snobs who only clicked on your post to thread shit tell you other wise (they are OHHHH so helpful here- they wont offer you any help but will be self rightous pricks cause they are CLEARLY 'pros' who overpaid for their guns roflmao)

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