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Originally Posted by Dusti69 View Post
oh... since this is american airsoft related.... id like to share my "american airsoft" experience

1. walmart clearsoft is the average persons idea of airsoft. a weak toy version of a bb gun
Ive met 10 americans randomly on various car forums who play and none of them have walmart guns.
2. i dont know anybody thats into airsoft or plays it. other than people who just have a walmart pistol and shoot each other
read above
3. i know of people who say they have airsoft guns and brag about them. my sniper rifle, sniper rifle this sniper rifle that blah blah blah dual desert eagles.... which usually always turn out to be non existant fantasy guns
the only people who brag like that are little kids. the real airsoft players Ive met, the only way I could find out they play was to ask them.
4. no matter what it is, plastic or full metal 400 fps serious business or probly even a ptw..... theyre just toys to everybody "go play with your toys" "when are you going to grow up and quit playing with toys?" (coming from a 19 year old to an almost 30 year old
Ive heard this allot although mostly from americans who dont play. Most canadians believe it is a sport like paintball and respect this sport.
5. most people know all about paintball but nothing about airsoft and when you try to explain well airsoft is kinda like paintball but waaaay more in depth and better.... they still dont understand. "whats ...airsoft??"
everybody knows what paintball is. generally I just explain airsoft as paintball without paint, realistic guns, and allot more tactics and then people understand.
6. anybody actually owning any form of airsoft or clearsoft and is shooting at each other does not wear any gear. usually just a hoodie
once again only underaged kids.
7. lots and lots of bragging and lying that cant be backed up
ever go fishing?
8. people are afraid of you for having fake guns. but if youre a hunter with a bunch of real guns and like killing animals for "fun" or were in the army and actually killed people then youre a real cool american man
kinda ironic that its that way huh?
9. the best place to aquire decent aegs might just be ebay. but youll be massively swamped by an excess of springers and crap and more crap junk
a TM bought from ebay is just as good as a TM ordered from Japan
10. our guns may be extremely cheap compared to yours, but we think ours are very expensive too
move to canada then lol
11. everybody has to have a sniper rifle. no other gun exists in their minds
still havent met an american player of real airsoft with a sniper rifle
12. everybody ive ever attempted to have a battle with has been super psyched and wanted to play so bad, but after getting shot a few times they get super mad and quit
have a battle with? sounds like you are playing with clearsoft
13. even people who own a form of airsoft guns dont know the difference between walmart crap, better quality springers, and qood quality aegs like we all own
ok now its starting to sound like all you hang out with is kids
14. people generally dont know what theyre doing. when they do get a decent aeg they end up putting walmart .12g bbs through them and hosing entire mags. like my brothers used kirenex he bought
read above lol
15. im beginning to associate the sport and hobby parts of airsoft and decent aeg's with canada and walmart with american airsoft
read two above lol
It really does sound like all you are doing is hanging around kids with clearsoft guns lol. If I can live here in Canada and meet 10 members of various car forums I belong to who live in the states and play "real" airsoft, Im sure you can.
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