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Originally Posted by theshaneler View Post
i find ehobby to be hit and miss with shipping, i have had items that take 4days to get here and some that take a month or more.
A month? Wow, that's bad. For me it's always 7-12 business days.

And Ebaybanned can go fuck themselves. The last 3 orders I had to start a Paypal dispute before they even shipped it. Because I had waited 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks for them to ship it.

AND they got one of my items wrong (510mm barrel instead of 590mm), but they refunded it.

EDIT: Waiting on an Ehobby order, Monday will be business day 8 from shipping. Which was 2-3 business days from me paying, which I find completely acceptable unlike Ebaybanned.

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