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While I agree that the article was well written it did seem extremely sarcastic to me. Down here in the states I think we should have more strict laws about who can buy airsoft guns and where. What really bothers me is that almost everyone I know, my family included thinks it's a stupid hobby. People are only afraid of it because they don't understand it. I do it because I enjoy it, gives me a chance to get outside and spend time with friends.

What really bothers me though is when someone comes to my house and is more bothered and afraid of my airsoft guns than my sword collection.

[sarcasm]Obviously swords aren't anywhere near as dangerous as airsoft.[/sarcasm]
Buying a cheap airsoft gun is like pulling out during sex, you'll be alright for a while, but later on you'll be left feeling unsatisfied and wishing you'd just blown your load.

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