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I also read all 7 pages and thought this article captured the sport extremely well.

The way the game is played: honour, mercy rules, tactical scenarios were shown and explained. The different personalities that play it: The elitists, the kiddies, the responsibles and the plain and simple dicks. All of the issues that make this sport what it is were also covered: Problems with children getting airsoft guns and the accessibility of cheap airsofts to facilitate that, law enforcement and the public's fear of the sport, airsofter's distrust of them and how they want to keep it 'hidden' from their eyes, real life consequences when a child gets his hands on an airsoft and brandishes it in a foolhardy or suicidal manner ( I know how we don't like to actually talk about 'consequence' on this board.)

Take a look at our forums they are chock full of children asking newb questions, guys dressing up and playing GI Joe and exchanging battle stories about getting shot in the crotch or having teeth knocked out.

From reading this article it is obvious to me that not only is this journalist not stupid he's an actual airsofter.

He presented this sport for how it is. I'm sorry if it doesn't coincide with the squeeky clean image you want to present to the world but if you haven't noticed we're grown men (mostly) who dress up as soldiers and shoot each other with bb guns while playing war. That's clearly what the article shows and includes ALL the drama that comes with that.
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