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Well on the advice of a couple of members here I bought the one in the link above , the Aftermath Kraken AK47, $159.99 Canadian, it's perfect, thats all I wanted, a gun with enough power to be fun and acurate with adjustable sights etc, turns out it's much better than I expected even after reading the reviews here, it IS heavy, it IS over 50% metal, it IS powerful and it IS acurate and most importantly to IS affordable.
so thanks to all for the info.

Also while I'm here, instead of starting another thread, quick question, how are Canadian customs with parts, such as a rail mount or magazine etc for something like this, given I'm in the middle of immigration process to become a resident of Canada (I'm English) I don't want to draw any atention to myself of this nature , a box addressed to me with "AK47" written on it somewhere. Obviously no legal harm could come from it but if investigated or something it could look bad on my application.
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