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This is very true.
The "dangerous" and "bad" bring more attention than the "safe" and "good" in the world of media.

That being said, I liked the article, it described what people feel in an airsoft skirm as opposed to "go out an' shoot 'em up" ex-military leading kids around to take situations in quickly and act. Airsoft is a sport that teaches a lot of responsibility. A paintballer can do as she/he likes on the field, bring their gun around in public(though they shouldn't) and doesn't need to put a lot of money down to have decent playing gear. whereas airsofters need to think out strategies, work together, call own hits, and play specific roles; and that's just on the field.

I'm also glad we have so much free space here in Canada.
Sure the states can get their guns cheaper and easier, but we've got the places and space to play.
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