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I thought that was Australia (with the documentary/tv spot) with and there was some weird rule about having them single only otherwise it was illegal. I would take single shot only any day if it would take AS out of the grey area. (Plus that would reduce the number of blind shooters and "spray and prayers") (but also be a weird for the MG players) .

@ Panda: True but what age? 14? 16? I would probably let them join in with me at 14-15 being the earliest and probably let them join at 16-17.

Also I think you're kinda stereotyping teens, I mean I never drank in a parking lot but my parents were quite liberal (not the word I'm looking for but only thing that comes up in my mind) with alcohol, maybe a quarter glass of wine at dinner with steak or at a party (first time I think I was 15-16). Also at school now I haven't drank yet (*with nose turned up* beer is such a commoner drink )

PS: I'm also asian so I guess that drive to do well in school or my parents will kill me was a good reason to not be stupid.
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