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use rocket launchers against tanks

Originally Posted by Labo View Post
A strike plate mounted at all sides ... If it gets hit.. it kills the power.
You could have the same mechanism on all parts of the robot too... mounted on the gun, the camera, the tracks... so it's more realistic.
shoot with the rocket launcher. We use foam rockets in a shoulder launcher system. shoot it with the rocket the impact should give it a good impact...perhaps with fall down targets that block the vision of the "driver" ? By the way we use it against vehicles and you hear it thump when hit so it should do the trick.

the thing is neato!!! I love all types of different scenarios. I have been working on a spy sat idea. If it works I will let you know

YouTube - Alias MKX Rocket Launcher - rocket launcher

you want to make it easier and just make it armour for it if you encounter any of these. they shoot pretty hard.

if we dont embrace new tech we may as well just play WW2 reenactment....not that there anything wrong with that
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