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If you watch TV and witnessed Robot wars.. You must have seen Steve Jones from Biomech Technologies.. He set up shop right beside my workplace, and he says it could be done. Pricing depends mostly on materials used. A full out Robot, will start at about $3000.. That's about the price of 3 Serious AEG's.. Seems pretty affordable. The question is: How serious is the Team? I mean, cmon let's face it.. We've got from 50 Cals, airsoft landmines to Gatling Guns & Tornado grenades... why not a Robot? Even a simple mountable camera, trigger mechanism and a simple DEFEAT system would do.
It would be a nice addition to a Squad.

Anyways, I'm just throwing it out there.. We're not very far.. the technology is already available... just imagine it with airsoft!

Damn... I have to stop watching the Military Channel.. anyone here have Rogers digital? LOL
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