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TM MP5K PDW - Battle Experience

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I am now the 4th and proud owner of this TM MP5K PDW. After a good summer of usage, I have to say even after its been around the block it still packs a punch.

I am not going to bother much with the external parts of the MP5 cause you can hear that from any site, but offer my own personal experience with the gun.

And a quick shout out to people who helped me with the gun when I had no clue what to do m102404, CDN_Stalker and Maverick0.

Personal Experience

Internal Qualities = 10/10

I am a noob, but I learn from my mistakes. The first screw up I did was opening the gearbox out of curiosity when I did that I used too much force, disregarding what said, and busted the motor connector part of the wires. The gun did not shoot for a week, until the friendly neighbors of the Doctor's Corner helped out. Got it soldered and fixed up.

Next screw up, I did not shim it right and stripped the bevel gear teeth and bought new gears. I have to say the TM gearbox is actually noob friendly as you can buy any parts and they will fit nicely. Definitely easier than working on Cheapy Chinese boxes or other Clones.

The TM Gearbox has been truly forgiving for all the screw ups I did it still works well and the gearbox was not deformed in anyway. Now I know why fellow airsofters recommend V3 Gearboxes as their choice of easy tinkering.

Indoor Battles = 9.5/10

The gun performs very well in CQB, within 30 feet I was getting 2 inch groupings with a steady shot and a 6.04 Barrel. This gun is your best friend for indoors, great for cornering and its light allowing you to rush to the middle and take out unsuspected campers or assaulters.

This gun definitely suits those who love to engage in close combat or love to rush like a Kamikaze soldier. The folding stock works wonders, especially when in buildings and you suspect a enemy coming around the corner you can quickly fold it quietly and hold it close to your body to remain hidden. Full auto shoots fine and the occasional semi-auto seizes but can be remedied by switching to full auto, shoot a few rounds and back to semi.

Outdoor Battles = 5/10

Not a good idea to bring this outdoors unless you have no other choice. Brought this gun to FTF with a 229mm barrel attached which is longer than the original 110 mm barrel. Even with the 229mm it faired well in CQB as always but to get to the CQB engagment I had to run like a mad man towards the M4s, AKs and M249s, very challenging but kind of exciting.

With its small and light body is a plus as I can run faster and sneak on the ground and curl up into ditches easier, really helped when being ambushed by Blackbears 3 to 1.


I highly recommend this for the CQB enthusiast or the Kamikaze rusher as this little package packs a good punch with its simple wiring body, the forgiving mechbox and easy to take down and maintenance is wonderful. If you are going to bring this outdoors be prepared to be outgunned. Overall I am happy I kept it.

Extra Info


- M90 and M100 Spring
- Modify Cylinder, 3/4 port and No port
- Element High Torque Gears (Stock TM died)
- Systema Bushings
- Prometheus Shims
- G&P High Torque Motor

Yes I know that mixing up the different brands may prove fatal but so far everything seems okay, but next time when I do revamp the gearbox I will get all the same, just did not have enough time since I needed parts for Border Wars
- Pistolero Steve -

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