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Originally Posted by Shooting Chef View Post
Hey Kos, first thigs first...Eliminate any kind of equipment problems. Strip and clean the pistol. Then shoot a few rounds with the pistol supported so that there is no movement. Check your groupings to see where they're hitting. If its still hitting at thesame spot then probably your front sight might have shifted or barrel is not centered.

If the gun shoots straight supported and you are still hitting off to the charlies, then get some laser eye surgery. LOL

LMK how it works out. If all fails, drop it by on the next CAPS session and I'd be happy work on it with ya.
Phil! Awesome, I was actually going message you before I posted the thread, but I didn't know if you'd be too busy to answer, or what not.

The Front/Rear Irons are screwed into the gun, so that can't be an issue..

The action on the trigger is anything but smooth , though. Maybe that's a contributing factor?
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