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Originally Posted by hobbidude View Post
Thanks for the moral support. I have pm a rep again ad look forward to the fun. Still with that sort of previous response, I'm not sure i want to meet any of the guys. Unless of course they're like JanusDP. thank, i will be sure to read before i post again.
Most of the guys here are nice guys, but there are a few dicks too. The thing is, most of us expect new users to actually read and do some research. You asked a question. You got answers. You ignored the answers because they required you to go and read to look up info yourself, and asked again. Had you bothered reading any of those links, you wouldn't have had to post your followup questions.

You have no idea how many times in a day we get that from noobs (usually 14 years olds). Every day, noobs come in with the "where can I get a gun" questions over and over agian. It does get real old real fast for regular members. That's why users get pissed off at noobs with the same questions over and over when the information is all right here at their fingertips.
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