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Originally Posted by hobbidude View Post
I would personally like to think JanusDP for your response. Even with being a noob, i doesn't take an idiot to discover that if i am willing to be age verified, i am obviously 18+. You are the only one i feel makes me want to come back. If every new guy was treats like an ass like that one member replied, its a surprise you get any new members. Also a reply like his is more likely to be met with offense: who in other words after that response wants to act descent in gettinn into the sports. I think there should be more stress on make a safe/legal environment for the new, instead of a a retalitor response of "who gives a crap about doing thinks right when you'll just get burnt.

Anyway again i would like to thank JanusDP again and hope there are more people on th forum like you. Thx
While I see both points of the flame factor in weeding out idiots I try not to flame anymore myself.

That said Hobbidude, You were given at least 5 answers to your question, some with links! and you still came back asking again?

That reeks of laziness (I know cause I'm freakin lazy) and on here most people want our new members to spend a little time reading up on the finer points of airsoft in Canada.

I spent 3 weeks reading before posting and still came across as a noob. 30 hours phhhsaw.

Your best bet is show the community you are sreious by going to a game in your area and meeting people face to face. They are really nice in person and you can look and hold all the toys and get all your answers.
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