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in terms of reflexive shooting, i assume you mean bringing your gun to bear and firing off shots accurately without using your sights. in that case, the hop-up or barrel may be causing this, not your shooting. as much as it may not help, my reflexive shooting skills game from paintball. While i use a really good armson OEG, i still found that when i ran into someone or i spotted someone a small ways away, i would use my reflexive shooting for my first shot or two, then as i slowing get into it, use my sight. when i am surprised in airsoft, this tends to be the case, however, i am getting my nerves under control at being ambushed and i am learning to bring my gun up and acquire my dot before shooting. dont know if that helps. the reason why suggest paintball is cause there is less stuff affecting the paintball in its flight. like airsoft both projectiles are round and affected by its internal composition (air bubbles in bbs, liquid paint in paintball). however, airsoft has the added factor of a properly set hop-up and barrel (with regards to the hop-up chamber). paintball is simply a ball and a barrel. since i wouldn't reflexive shoot outside of paintball range, that i why i suggest you practice with that.
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