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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Thats not true at all, only trolls, douche bags and people who I have deemed to be apart of the tiny ***** peanut gallery dont take kindly to new users. Its essentially just the same 15 or so people. They know who they so I dont have to list them out, after all they are mocked enough already.

To WhiteSkull, you live in a great city for airsoft. There is a large community as well as a few great places to place. Be sure to check out .

As it stands right now online retailers are slim and you dont really want to risk your money on the garbage on craigs list or anything like that. Your best bet is to check out this websites buy and sell forum. However to access it you must pass through this websites age verifacation process, where if you meet some simple criteria you can gain age verifcation and gain access to the buy and sell.

Best of luck.
Way to go man - stand up reply. I applaud your professionality - you're an asset to the community.
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