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HFC .44 Savaging Bull Revolver

Okay some may cringe upon hearing the HFC name, thats fine. If you would like to post, no trolls please, prefer it be someone with revolver experience or feedback on editing my review.

Short and sweet here we go

External Qualities

Front Barrel
- ABs Resin Plastic
- 8 inch long brass barrel

Back Body
- ABs resin Plastic
- Metal Hammer
- Metal Trigger
- Metal sights
- Metal cylinder holder
- Cylinder magazine ABs plastic
- Plastic Handle


- No hop-up
- 8 inch Brass barrel
- Bottom propane accepted chamber
- Super Gas efficient, 5 second gas fill = 80 to 100 shots
- 6 Brass bullets


CQB Battle Only

Report - 1 Month ownership

If you were actually thinking of ever gaming a revolver anything longer than 4 inches will actually work well. I gamed this at the Ontario TTAC CQB Arena (Hosted by Brian McIlmoyle)

At first I thought, bah 280 FPS with a fixed hop-up revolver I will get owned. But man did the 8 inches of power helped with the accuracy.

- 30 feet effective range 10/10 hits
- 50 feet I can hit a man size target 8/10
- 70 feet+ I can barely hit it sometimes I can hit if I predict the right random spin it gets

Although only 6 shots you can get the 24 shot clip which is only like $12.95 USD. With 6 shots I only got enough to hit at most 2 people. And yes you can actually get kills with this so long as you are used to the sighting. Just ask Kohaku's welts on his arm how it feels.


- CQB friendly
- Badass 8 inch Dirty Harry feel to it
- 24 shot magazine allows for greater ammo
- 6 brass bullets loading them up feels realistic
- Gas efficient over 80 shots, 5 second fill


- Plastic handle feel
- Cannot whip the ammo cylinder in, must use hand to put push it back in
- Cannot be gamed outdoors
- No hop-up adjustment
- Pistolero Steve -

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