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well thank you, finally. and I do appreciate the express post. seriously though man, 5 weeks and 4 days this took to get shipped. I have received 3 orders from hong kong for my gun doc business in that time frame.

also, don't lie to your customers that's just not cool and frankly it really pissed me off. The tracking info confirms it was shipped today and not on the 2 dates you claimed to have shipped it before. On top of this it ticked me off when other people were getting what they ordered during the same time period i was waiting for my gun. This means you are so disorganized that you went to the post office and just neglected to bring what i ordered.

Furthermore, try returning emails as fast as you did before I paid you. I'd rather hear I couldn't make it to the post office this week than hear nothing at all. It's also extremely frustrating to find out that you are responding to new emails about potential orders and ignoring the customers that have already paid. I know this is the case because friends of mine have messaged you in the past month and got a prompt replies. you'd probably find you'd have less emails if you keep your customers informed.

Unfortunately I don't think I will ever do business with you again, I just can't trust you and you are too disorganized. plus you never even apologized or admitted fault for any of this.

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