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Unverified To Buy Airsoft Parts?

Ok, i have a question to Airsoft Canada and am wondering peoples thoughts on the issue. I know im probably going to get people asking, "how did you get the gun?" and get ragged on in that manner. Im 17 years old (soon to be 18 mind you) and just got myself into the airsoft scene. I had my parents approve for buying myself my first AEG (A TM m4 clone with a v2). Now heres what i'm wondering about... To buy parts and accessories you do not have to be 18, only to buy a full gun right? Well when i bought my first gun it came from the states and warranties and such are not applicable to international buyers. Thinking to myself "its brand new and if internals go, there easy to replace in Canada". I opened the box and the lower receiver has a large crack on the mag well, (The body is plastic crap). I was not very happy about this as i had no idea how I could buy a new body because Canadian retailers do not sell them and solid colour bodies are not passible through the Canadian border. I was wondering if Airsoft Canada could have a parts section available to people like me who are not yet age verified (as some people may be over 18 but just cant get verified over their own reasons) have problems like this but cannot buy replacement parts due to the slim-pickins in Canadian retailers. Now before you start freaking on me remember im new to this and am learning a lot as i go. I just want to play.

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