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Originally Posted by Buzzrexx View Post
I think that $600 to gear up is a bit steep.

I got a vest and some surplus army BDU's at the Stouffville market for $35 + $25
Face mask w/ removable goggles at Hero for $30
I made my own leg holsters (with the help of a rivet tool) out of a $10 multitester pouch from Home Depot and a couple of Velcro straps from Dollarama.
With gear you can be original and creative, and save a bundle.

Don't be scared off by the die-hards, they just want us noobs to know our place and give them due respect!
airsoft is addict and it's cost alot in the end,when i first start back to jun i spent more than $3000(some gear you can avioed)here is my list!
this is from can ship to canada)$386 shipping include
10 x MagPul (Blk)
1 x OE TECH Tactical Duty Belt (TAN)
1 x HSS Belt Mount Dump Pouch (TAN)
1 x Tac Force Knee Pads (Tan)
1 x OE TECH Tactical Thigh Rig (TAN)
1 x Ambidextrous MOLLE Compatible Holster for M1911 (TAN)
1 x Airsoft GI Gunfighter Cap (Limited Edition)
1 x Intellect 8.4v 1600mah NiMH Mini Battery
1 x OE TECH Dual Bungee Sling Set (TAN)
1 x OE TECH Shemagh (BLK)
1 x OE TECH 42" Delux Molle Dual Gun Bag (TAN)

this is from $334 shipping include
1 ea. King Arms High Capacity BB Loader - Black
1 ea. DNTC Agressive Compensator
2 ea. King Arms M4/M16 68R Magazine - Black - 5pc Box Set
2 ea. BB Bastard High Performance .25g - 2000 Count
1 ea. Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1 Standard Magazine
1 ea. Intellect 9.6v 1400mah Mini Battery - KA Stock

this is from uncompany(all can ship to canada)$140 shipping include
1 x Intellect-1600mAh-8.4V
1 x Mini Fast Charger #789A
1 x G&P 30mm AP Red Dot Sight (Aim Point ML2 Style)

this is from ebaybanned $89
1 x Military Velcro Patch - Black Water-
1 x Pirates of the Caribbean White Patch

this is from ASC huang's store $410 shipping include
1 x EO 552 full trades
1 x M910 105
1 x High Quality Coyote Brown CIRAS with hydration bladder

this is from $245 shipping include
1 Taclite Pro Pant
1 Advance Boot

this is from redwolf $92 shipping include
1 x Pantac Waist Bag (CB / CORDURA)
1 x Pantac Double M16 Mag Pouch (CB / CORDURA)
1 x G&P Neoprene Mask with OEF Series USMC Goggle (3mm PC Glasses, Black)

for the weapon mopic is the best!! but you need age vetify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KWA KM4-TAC($550)
KWA M16($550) due to next week
G&G SCAR TAN($585)
TM HI-CAPA 5.1($200)

think about all this is just for starting, i am not even a pro, a pro get 10x better gear than me!!!
i think this can make you clear go to the websit check yourself!

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