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Originally Posted by light_bringer777 View Post
Well... First of all sorry, I looked deeper and everything was mostly in the FAQs... as always...

1000$ is over my budget for now, as I am going back to school... I can't be working as much... But in time I'll get the money:wink:

I had 4-5 friends who wanted to get in for 200-300.... guess they'll have to make a choice...

But noone answered about those 3$ full-auto-full-metal-full-size-300fps-electric-gun... I'm just being curious... I know they must be trash... but 300fps BB-firing thrash ?

Thank you for all your answers and taking the time to help !
Dude, if you're serious about getting into airsoft, read what you just read. A $3 "gun" is a $3 gun. Dont expect anything amazing. Like everyone is saying, get goin with the basics for now. $500.00 to get started is probably right for a beginner. Camo, mags, and a decent AEG. And trust me, once you get started its addicting, cuz you want better camo, more mags, more power, and more FPS. If you're really stoked on airsoft you will accumulate theses things over time. Unless you got a fucking fat bankroll. Good luck bro.
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