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You must seriously be the most incompetent disorganized person on the face of this earth to have your thumb up your ass for a month and not send me my gun. Clearly from the latest I love mopic thread you have been to the post office in the past month so why not bring my gun along just for fun and send it too.

Also, Clearly your last post and the email before that where you claimed to have shipped my item are nothing but lies and that's probably why you have yet to produce a tracking number. I'm normally a fairly calm individual but i cant stand being lied too and you have finally gotten to the end of my patience. I really hope people read this and realize they are playing Russian roulette when they do business with you. some people get great fast service; the rest of us get shafted with a complete lack of comms after you get our money and lies when you do manage to find your way out of your own ass. You may be the nicest guy in person, i dont know, but as a business man your a complete ass. Give me my fucking money back now.

If I wanted to give money to someone to hold onto for a month I would have just put it in the damn bank. maybe you should give me interest since that's basically the only service you provided me with.

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