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Beginning in the world of airsoft

Hey everyone !

I just recently discovered airsoft from a friend who I did a couple of paintball games with.(I was complaining how ridiculous paintball "guns" were getting, so small and childish, and he showed me back home a M16 or M4 or something he bought from a friend who stopped playing airsoft... but now he had trouble finding gear and people to play with...)

Looking around the internet, I couldn't really find how much it costs to start from scratch. I searched the forum... my apologies if I didn't search enough.

I was wondering (from what I read on the forum) if "cheap" guns are worth anything, and if so if they could be bought somewhere in Canada.

The thing is I wouldn't really mind buying myself good equipment, a good AEG...
but I'd also like to play with my younger brother (He's turning 18) and a couple of friends (who WON'T pay all that much for airsoft...)

So I'd like to know this:

1- How much to expect to get in Airsoft with a decent AEG, some gear, enough to really play !

2- If possible, how much to expect for a REAL MINIMUM equipment, budget gun, eye protection and so.

3- Are "clearsoft" any good ? I mean for someone who'd probably use it like twice a year ?

Hope you can help !

P.S. I am NOT asking for "Where to buy TH3 GUNZ", I am seriously considering getting age verified, if prices are in a range I can afford right now. Airsoft looks like a really great sport, so I'll do what I must, as long as I get get the money !:wink:
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