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Originally Posted by dzik View Post
I've brought weapons and historical objects back from Poland. What i do is declare them at the airport in Warsaw or Gdansk. What Polish customs will do is seal your bags with this funky yellow tape. I've done this five times already and Canadian customs don't bother me on the way in. I brought back a full suit of Hussar Armour, along with two black powder pistols and several swords.
Historical items fall under a different catagory of Canadian law. Historical firearms are legal and don't fall under "replica" guidelines. But yeah, that yellow tape thing must be nice for getting things in.

I know we always say it but there are always the success stories of purposeful or accidental importation or smuggling. Customs can only catch so many people but why take the chance?

Welcome to Calgary Panek! You just missed the big Battlefield game in Alberta (200 players, humvees, transport trucks, etc.) Glad to hear you got everything through. Sometimes the limits of the Canadian system and our frustrations are stated a little zealously here but it was just for your own safety. Personally, I know many people who buy metal AEGs in the states and simply have it mailed to them and they've never been caught. I would not recommend it at all though.

Goto and you can read about local events and games

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