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The Laws are really hit and miss. There's some rifles that are Illegal or restricted, Yet the EXACT same rifle under a different caliber or length is fully legal and unrestricted.

Rumor has it that pretty much all the government does to pick which guns are illegal/restricted is flip through a book and read stats and then decides that it's illegal.

For example:
A bolt action Barret .50cal is illegal in Canada. Yet I can go to Shooting Edge in Calgary with my FAC and buy a Styre .50cal bolt action rifle and ammo, unrestricted. I guess it's a sensible hunting rifle if your trying to kill an elephant at 1.5 miles...

And yes I forgot .22's and other rimfire's don't count. You can actually buy the 50rnd banana clips for the 10/22 carbines. Great fun to go gopher hunting and not have to reload your mag all day.

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