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Kokanee, and other brave Reg Force


Josh (aka Kokanee) will soon be shipping out to Afghanistan for his tour there. We speak semi regularly on different topics and he's spent more than his fair share of time modding this disaster we all call home. He's sort of the first person who I know fairly well that's leaving for the conflict.

But he's not the only one. There are dozens of people on this board that serve the Canadian Forces with pride and distinction, many of which will, are, or have served our commitment to Afghanistan.

It doesn't really matter what your political opinion is of the conflict. What matters is that people you know and respect are heading off to someplace dangerous, and part of their reason for heading there is because they know about the life you live and want to preserve the way you live it. That in itself is a noble cause.

I don't know why we've never had a thread like this, but I think it's important...

To all of you who will find yourself in that dangerous place, be careful. And know that your friends, family, and even us crazed nutjobs on ASC are behind you, hoping for your safe return.
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