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Me name be Nick, They call me Rick
I came to this forum from the PDW forums, Mostly just to get my hands on an AEG in time for boot next weekend, but I may be around here more often than I thought, so I'll say hey and introduce meself.
A nineteen year old form the middle of the middle of Canada (Saskatoon to be more specific) A co-worker of mine brought up airsoft one day and I took a good long look into. Having finally found that Hobby I fit into so well I decided to get much more involved.
Some of you may know me as RICK BO from some other online shooter(such as TF2) Some of you may recognize me as Tzolot on certain console gaming(that I don't do much anymore) most likely though if you've seen me in the past it was under the name: Hey_dude

My current loadout consists of a TM p90, Crosman C11(NBB) and stinger p9(springer), and a nice multicam combat set from Huang.
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