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Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
Stops a mag from holding a full load.

In Canada you cannot have a mag with more than 5 rounds in it, so they are pinned to stop any more from being inserted.

I believe.

Your 100% correct except for one thing. The law doesn't end at more than 5 rounds in the mag. It's actually Illegal to have more than 5 Rounds total In the Rifle. This includes what's in the chamber. For example under law you can legally have:

A) 1 round in chambered and 4 in the mag
B) Empty chamber and 5 rounds in the mag

And this doesn't just stand for restricted rifles. This law applies to every rifle in Canada. I can go buy a un-restricted M14 and my mags must be pinned to 5 rounds maximum capacity.

As for airsoft being restricted or illegal. The answer is no. However, Canada Customs has taken it upon themselves to seize such Items they see as being "illegal". Basically Canada Customs may seize and incinerate airsoft items at the persons expense. That's just the way it is.

It's being argued to the nine's that airsoft guns are replica firearms and i'm not getting into the whole char-broiled flame fest that is the legal standpoint of airsoft. The fact remains that it is strongly discouraged to even attempt importing your guns. It may cost you lots of money

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