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pusangani: I discussed the Bastard banner with Garner already, thats already in the works.

Banners are entirely up to the copyright holders. AirsoftCanada will make its own decision as would I on that. As for having kidlets move from paintball to airsoft, it happens all the time. Expansion of the sport is only a good thing, but there will always be a percentage of those who are asshats. At least at a facility like Defcon, you can have a face to face with them and mentor them if they do come out, unlike in an online forum where someone just gets flamed to death the first time they post something. Paintball permits younger players where as most places do have 18+ clauses for airsoft - but that hasn`t stopped idiots from leaking into airsoft - they`re just adult idiots. Part of the problem with this site, is that new members get automatically granted access into areas of the board that enable them to annoy long standing members before they`d been aclimatized to airsoft. I`ve always promoted the idea of a graduated access scheme, but, ASC for its own reasons chooses to run things the way that it does, so in some respects the friction is inevitable. And frankly I am not impressed with the way some long standing members of this community `greet`new people who sign up for this site, subjecting them to ridicule for asking what to the initiated are obvious questions, but to those who have been around, are newb questions. Everyone was a newb once, people seem to forget that.

But this thread is about Defcon Paintball so lets stick to the topic.
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